Welcome to ‘A Muse in Beirut’,

The love story of Beirut with fashion goes way back. We’ve got it all, the elegance, the creativity, the craftsmanship and the fun loving spirit. So let’s take a stroll together along the bustling streets of Lebanon to discover its designers, its ateliers, its boutiques and fashion happenings, with a tint of nostalgia taking us through past episodes of Lebanon’s relationship with fashion.

My relationship with fashion began at a young age roaming through the pages of magazines and catalogues. I grew up in Beirut then moved to the United States to study Business. Fashion led me to Italy to pursue a Master in Merchandising. Next was Paris, where I spent four years working at the House of Balenciaga. After a short stint in Taiwan, I am back home and cannot wait to discover with you Lebanon’s vibrant fashion scene.

Hope you enjoy reading!

A Muse in Beirut

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