Antwork, creative co-working space

In an oasis, with a unique dynamism, creative minds are at work in the offices, meeting rooms, kitchen, garden or the technology atelier. Antwork, the ultra-connected co-working space is bustling with activity.

Behind the walls of a traditional mansion, in the heart of Beirut, lies an innovative concept. Antwork, envisioned to encourage companies and freelancers in their tedious journey, fosters community spirit and innovation. Ralph Raad, vice president of marketing and sales explains: ‘The space is thought in a way to provide flexibility for each company to have its own personalized spot, but also to stimulate exchanges between the residents.’ Between meeting rooms, individual or open-space offices, conference rooms, and common areas, members of Antwork also benefit from unusual spaces such as a tech laboratory, where they can use the 3D printer or create prototypes for electronic circuits and other gadgets, and even a runway for fashion shows. In the rooms; ACs, doors and even drinks are accessible via remote control or a mobile application. Encounters happen around a cup of coffee in the vegetable garden, in the kitchen during a cooking class organized by Kitchen Lab, or while attending a seminar on corporate law in the cozy little amphitheater. Already synergies have come about through those exchanges, between a branding studio and a tech startup, or an event planning company and a startup specialized in on demand babysitting.

Above all, the strength of Antwork resides in its technology platform. Antwork has created a work cloud, an online platform where different members of the community can contact each other, exchange, book a room, or share an event. Want to install a program to manage client data, or social media activity? Register invoices, prepare company accounting or organize employee holidays and recruitment? The Antwork software allows young companies to benefit from different customized services to accompany their development. Hundreds of members have already registered on the platform of which about one third established their headquarters at the Antwork space, on spears Street. Opened in November 2016, in a beautiful traditional building, this first space comprised of 5000m2, bordered by a 1500m2 garden, and with a terrace where barbecues and yoga sessions are planned, is Antwork’s pilot project. The co-working platform is looking to create satellite locations: a café, a restaurant or a library across Lebanon that will be activated by the Antwork technology to offer members a wide range of spaces to work from. The concept will also be exported to relay a culture of creativity, productivity and interaction across the world.

Article originally published in L’Officiel Levant – April 2017 Issue