Boutique Hub : Minimalist casual wear with a twist

Whether it is the unique furniture, the welcoming designer or the cool clothes, clients and passers by that step into Boutique Hub in Sodeco want to know more about the concept, the designer and the story behind the pieces.

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Cynthia Chamat, the dynamic lady behind the store concept, views it as a designer collaboration hub; a place where local designers can work together to create a complementary selection of quality, timeless pieces for a wardrobe. Since the boutique opening in 2014 she has collaborated with KinaMania, a Lebanese designer who proposes a line of artisan-crafted footwear. As of November 2015, another Lebanese designer brand will join at Boutique Hub, the socially conscious venture that has been revisiting the classic shirt.

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Cynthia’s own brand of clothing, Urban Sense, plays with casual classics. You will find reversible capes, gilets that can be worn as tops and long floating dresses. The philosophy behind her brand is that it should cater to all shapes and sizes, and always ensure comfort. In fact, when trying on her clothes you can feel the softness of her fabrics, as she favors linen, merinos and cashmere. The designer will customize the clothes for each client. She cares to build trusting relationships with her customers who come back to her often to complete their wardrobes with her essential pieces. Next month, a selection of Men Clothing will also be available.

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Looking back at the path that led Cynthia to create Urban Sense, the dots, which seem not connected, all actually make sense. She studied law in Paris then moved on to work as a Communication Consultant. This experience helped her take the leap into creating her own company when the need came and shaped the personalized approach she adopted in dealing with Boutique Hub’s clientele. Indeed, when Cynthia moved back to Lebanon in 2012 she started managing a couple of boutiques selling foreign merchandise. In Spring 2014, the merchandise she ordered did not arrive in Beirut. She found herself with an empty store. The story of Urban Sense began; Cynthia quickly set up to turn in a collection of her own selecting top quality fabrics and styles she had always been fond of. The collection was a success and Cynthia had found her calling.

Sodeco Sq. Block E, GF02
📞:  +961 1 425240
📱: +961 3 272582
Personal styling appointments available

Price: ★ ★ ☆ ☆

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