Le Salon du Chocolat Show

The 2nd Edition of the Salon du Chocolat at Biel, invites us to explore the rich array of flavors, shapes and textures that chocolate lets us indulge in, including, of course, fashion.


Organized in parallel with the Beirut Cooking festival, the Salon du Chocolat will kickoff with a chocolate couture Fashion Show. Lebanese designers teaming up with talented pastry chefs have played with the codes of the One Thousand and One Nights tale. Motifs, embellishments and transparencies will be featured in an enchanting presentation of chocolate dresses, tunics and sherwals. Guest of honor, Abed Mahfouz, has concocted a delightful chocolate creation in collaboration with chef Charles Azar.

The runway show will take place on Thursday, November 12 at 12pm. For those who will miss it, the delicate dresses will be exhibited at the Salon during the entire event. Chocolate tastings, chef appearances, workshops and live recipe demonstrations from Lebanese and international chocolatiers are also on the Salon du Chocolat’s appetizing program. Sahtein!

The Salon du Chocolat will be held from November 12 to 14, from 11am to 8pm at Biel

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