Neighborhood Fashion Tour – Clemenceau

An upscale residential area with beautiful mansions and charming buildings before the 15 years war, Clemenceau is now getting a facelift with new high rises and business centers. A handful of inventive shops are bringing an inviting vibe to the area and making Clemenceau a must to visit on the Beirut fashion map.


Cookie Dough The land of sweetness, from cute clothes for the little ones, to a wonderland display and care the owner puts to organize events and consulting sessions accompanying parents through welcoming their child home. Cookie Dough sets you up with style to pamper your loved ones; clothing up to 12 years old, childcare products, nursery furniture and gifts such as fine jewelry.

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Piaff The iconic store is a reference for fashion since 1980. In a design ambiance the store presents statement pieces for day and evening wear. Piaff introduces Beirut to some of the coolest brands in clothing and accessories from Tsumori Chisato’s urban comfort to Marco de Vicenzo’s elegant dresses, or Jimi Roos cartoonish embroidered sneakers and Rafé ‘s architectural minaudières.

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Pop Up Pocket With a casual sporty feel, Pop Up Pocket selects hip items of clothing and accessories for those seeking a distinctive style. One of the rare stores in Beirut to cater to trendy Men, as well as to women and children, the stores carries brands such as Swedish Acne Studios or Japanese Comme des Garçons Play. Quirky and fun Pop Up Pocket is ideal to find unconventional accessories and gifts.

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Jacaranda The owner of Jacaranda has a true passion for flowers and plants that she nurtured through books and attending courses with the most recognized professionals in Paris. She spends most of her time in her flower shop, and prepares each bouquet herself adding an enchanting touch of color and warmth to the streets of Clemenceau.

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Noir é Blanc – This little boutique is decorated like a doll house with jars of multicolored sugared almonds on the shelves, boxes of chocolate and coated shortbread biscuits with healthy choices behind glass frames, and a pastel pink tea set with a view on Clemenceau street. The delicious chocolates are handmade in Tripoli.

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L’Artisan du Liban – This year, L’Artisan du Liban celebrates its 35 years anniversary. The store is a window for the various crafts of Lebanon. Copper worked in Saida, Rashaya and Tripoli, glass from Sarafand or Tripoli, and cutlery with inlaid mosaics from Jezzine, L’Artisan du Liban has been highlighting the fine works of artisans across Lebanon, contributing to the conservation of these precious traditions.

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Dar el Nimer at Villa Salem – A must visit, ‘At the Seams’ is an outstanding exhibition on the history of Palestinian embroidery, curated by Rachel Dedman. Dating from more than 100 years old to today, the dresses tell the story of the women who embroidered and wore them. Patches added to hide worn off fabric from work or for breastfeeding, different patterns and motifs for each region before modern transportation brought new hybrid designs, and foreign influences for urban ladies who incorporated details such as french cut or silk fabrics in their traditional dress, that they wore only on occasions, as they had adopted a more western clothing style since the early 1900s, while embroidered dresses remained the daily outfit for rural women. (The exhibition lasts until July 30)

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